Vol 2, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

On the increase rate of random fields from space $Sub_{\varphi}(\Omega)$ on unbounded domains PDF
Yuriy Kozachenko, Anna Slyvka-Tylyshchak 79-92
Accuracy of hemoglobin A1c imputation using fasting plasma glucose in diabetes research using electronic health records data PDF
Stanley Xu, Emily B. Schroeder, Susan Shetterly, Glenn K. Goodrich, Patrick J. O’Connor, John F. Steiner, Julie A. Schmittdiel, Jay Desai, Ram D. Pathak, Romain Neugebauer, Melissa G. Butler, Lester Kirchner, Marsha A. Raebel 93-104
On the Convergence and O(1/N) Complexity of a Class of Nonlinear Proximal Point Algorithms for Monotonic Variational Inequalities PDF
Jian Wu, Gaohang Yu 105-113
Improvement of CPU time of Linear Discriminant Function based on MNM criterion by IP PDF
Shuichi Shinmura 114-129
Quadratic third-order tensor optimization problem with quadratic constraints PDF
Lixing Yang, Qingzhi Yang, Xiaoming Zhao 130-146
Recurrence Relations for Moments of Order Statistics from the Lindley Distribution with General Multiply Type-II Censored Sample PDF
Bander Al-Zahrani, M A Ali 147-160
Supersaturated plans for variable selection in large databases PDF
Christina Parpoula, Christos Koukouvinos, Dimitrios Simos, Stella Stylianou 161-175