Statistics, Optimization & Information Computing

Statistics, Optimization and Information Computing (SOIC) is an international refereed journal dedicated to the latest advancement of statistics, optimization and applications in information sciences.  Topics of interest are (but not limited to): 

Statistical theory and applications

  • Statistical computing, Simulation and Monte Carlo methods, Bootstrap, Resampling methods, Spatial Statistics, Survival Analysis, Nonparametric and semiparametric methods, Asymptotics, Bayesian inference and Bayesian optimization
  • Stochastic processes, Probability, Statistics and applications
  • Statistical methods and modeling in life sciences including biomedical sciences, environmental sciences and agriculture
  • Decision Theory, Time series analysis,  High-dimensional  multivariate integrals, statistical analysis in market, business, finance, insurance, economic and social science, etc

 Optimization methods and applications

  • Linear and nonlinear optimization
  • Stochastic optimization, Statistical optimization and Markov-chain etc.
  • Game theory, Network optimization and combinatorial optimization
  • Variational analysis, Convex optimization and nonsmooth optimization
  • Global optimization and semidefinite programming 
  • Complementarity problems and variational inequalities
  • Optimal control: theory and applications
  • Operations research, Optimization and applications in management science and engineering

Information computing and machine intelligence

  • Machine learning, Statistical learning, Deep learning
  • Artificial intelligence, Intelligence computation, Intelligent control and optimization
  • Data mining, Data analysis, Cluster computing, Classification
  • Pattern recognition, Computer vision
  • Compressive sensing and sparse reconstruction
  • Signal and image processing, Medical imaging and analysis, Inverse problem and imaging sciences
  • Genetic algorithm, Natural language processing, Expert systems, Robotics, Information retrieval and computing
  • Numerical analysis and algorithms with applications in computer science and engineering

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SOIC has been indexed in Scopus(Elsevier), Crossref, Mathematical Reviews, MathSciNet, ...


SOIC has been indexed in Scopus(Elsevier),Crossref,Google Scholar,Mathematical Reviews, MathSciNet, JournalTOCs,  ...


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ISSN 2310-5070 (online) ISSN 2311-004X (print)


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ISSN 2310-5070 (online) ISSN 2311-004X (print)

Key title: Statistics, optimization & information computing
Abbreviated key title: Stat., optim. inf. comput.

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Vol 7, No 3 (2019)

Table of Contents


The Portuguese Meeting in Biomathematics PDF
Delfim F. M. Torres, Ivan. Area, Cesar Silva, Cristiana J. Silva 530-532

Research Articles

Harvesting in a Random Varying Environment: Optimal, Stepwise and Sustainable Policies for the Gompertz Model PDF
Nuno M. Brites, Carlos A. Braumann 533-544
Analysis of a SIRI Epidemic Model with Distributed Delay and Relapse PDF
Abdelhai Elazzouzi, Abdesslem Lamrani Alaoui, Mouhcine Tilioua, Delfim F. M. Torres 545-557
The Influence of Reduced Light on Competing Zooplanktonic Populations – Inference from Mathematical Modeling and Field Data PDF
Vanessa Irenze, Marco Battuello, Rocco Mussat Sartor, Nicola Nurra, Ezio Venturino 558-577
The Risk of Contagion Spreading and its Optimal Control in the Economy PDF
Olena Kostylenko, Helena Sofia Rodrigues, Delfim F. M. Torres 578-587
A Minimal HIV-AIDS Infection Model with General Incidence Rate and Application to Morocco Data PDF
El Mehdi Lotfi, Marouane Mahrouf, Mehdi Maziane, Cristiana J. Silva, Delfim F. M. Torres, Noura Yousfi 588-603
Numerical Simulation of Excitation-Contraction in Isolated Cardiomyocytes PDF
José Alberto Rodrigues, Joana Oliveira 604-616
Optimal Control and Sensitivity Analysis of a Fractional Order TB Model PDF
Silvério Rosa, Delfim F. M. Torres 617-625