Vol 6, No 3 (2018)

Table of Contents


Preface for the Special Issue on Computational Techniques in Theoretical and Applied Statistics PDF
Filipe J. Marques, Andriƫtte Bekker, Mohammad Arashi 303-304

Research Articles

Proportional Odds under Conway-Maxwell-Poisson Cure Rate Model and Associated Likelihood Inference PDF
N. Balakrishnan, T. Feng 305-334
Bivariate gamma type distributions for modeling wireless performance metrics PDF
Andriette Bekker, Johan Ferreira 335-353
Shrinkage Difference-Based Liu Estimators In Semiparametric Linear Models PDF
Hadi Emami, Sara Kiani 354-372
Variable selection and structure identification for ultrahigh-dimensional partially linear additive models with application to cardiomyopathy microarray data PDF
Mohammad Kazemi, Davood Shahsavani, Mohammad Arashi 373-382
On the linear combination of independent logistic random variables PDF
Filipe J. Marques 383-397
Nonparametric predictive inference with parametric copulas for combining bivariate diagnostic tests PDF
Noryanti Muhammad, Tahani Coolen-Maturi, Frank P.A. Coolen 398-408
Limit distributions for asymptotically linear statistics with spherical error PDF
Celia Nunes, Dario Ferreira, Sandra S. Ferreira, Joao T. Mexia 409-414
Generalized Ridge Regression Estimator in High Dimensional Sparse Regression Models PDF
Mahdi Roozbeh 415-426
On Shrinkage Estimation: Non-orthogonal Case PDF
A.K.Md. Ehsanes Saleh, Mina Norouzirad 427-451
On parameter estimation in multi-parameter distributions PDF
I.J.H. Visagie 452-467
Aggregate claim models with one-way and two-way dependence among individual claims PDF
Xueyuan Wu, Kam Chuen Yuen, Pengcheng Zhang 468-482