Vol 6, No 2 (2018)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Hybridized Support Vector Machine and Recursive Feature Elimination with Information Complexity PDF
Hamparsum Bozdogan, Seung Hyun Baek 159-177
Weighted Clustering for Anomaly Detection in Big Data PDF
Rasim Alguliyev, Ramiz Aliguliyev, Yadigar Imamverdiyev, Lyudmila Sukhostat 178-188
Inference on the Parameters and Reliability Characteristics of Generalized Inverted Scale Family of Distributions based on Records PDF
Ajit Chaturvedi, Ananya Malhotra 189-207
Optimization on the distribution of population densities and the arrangement of urban activities PDF
Savin Treanta 208-218
Locating Direction Finders Optimally under Risk of Detection PDF
Suhwan Kim 219-232
Approximate Homogenized Synthesis for Distributed Optimal Control Problem with Superposition Type Cost Functional PDF
Olena A. Kapustian, Valentyn V. Sobchuk 233-239
POT approach for estimation of extreme risk measures of EUR/USD returns PDF
Ouadjed Hakim 240-247
Buys-Ballot Technique for the Analysis of Time Series with a Cubic-Trend Component PDF
Emmanuel Okereke 248-265
Weak convergence of stochastic processes from spaces $F_\psi(\Omega)$ PDF
Yurii Yuriiovych Mlavets, Yurii Vasylovych Kozachenko, Nataliia Vasylivna Yurchenko 266-277
Flexiblity of Using Com-Poisson Regression Model for Count Data PDF
Esin AVCI 278-285
The parameter estimation of the multivariate matrix regression models PDF
Zerong Lin, Lingling He, Tian Wu, Changqing Xu 286-291

Scientific Report

DEA Window Analysis with slack-based measure of Efficiency in Indian Cement Industry PDF
Arif Muhammad, Tirupathi Rao, Qaiser Farooq 292-302