System of nonlinear variational inclusion problems with $(A,\eta)$-maximal monotonicity in Banach spaces

Nabin Kumar Sahu, N. K. Mahato, R. N. Mohapatra


This paper deals with a new system of nonlinear variational inclusion problems involving $(A,\eta)$-maximal relaxed monotone and relative $(A,\eta)$-maximal monotone mappings in 2-uniformly smooth Banach spaces. Using the generalized resolvent operator technique, the approximation solvability of the proposed problem is investigated. An iterative algorithm is constructed to approximate the solution of the problem. Convergence analysis of the proposed algorithm is investigated. Similar results are also proved for other system of variational inclusion problems involving relative $(A,\eta)$-maximal monotone mappings and $(H,\eta)$-maximal monotone mappings.


Variational inclusion, Generalized resolvent operator, $2$-uniformly smooth Banach space, Semi-inner product space


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DOI: 10.19139/soic.v5i3.238


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