Bootstrap Approach to the One-Sample and Two- Sample Test of Variances of a Fuzzy Random Variable

  • Jalal Chachi Semnan University
Keywords: −pessimistic, Bootstrap, Fuzzy random variable, Testing hypotheses


The aim of this paper is to present in a concise and integrated way of the bootstrap approach to statistical testing of hypotheses about the variance of  fuzzy random variable. In this approach, first a notion of fuzzy random variables is recalled. Then, we will consider hypothesis-tests for the (crisp-valued)  variance   of   fuzzy data in a population. For this purpose, the $\alpha$-pessimistic values of the imprecise observations are used for defining a new notion of distance measure  between  fuzzy data, which is then used to make a procedure for testing the statistical hypotheses. Based on this argument,  the application of bootstrap techniques in dealing with these testing problems will be introduced. The procedure develops a non-parametric approach to testing statistical hypotheses based on one-sample and two-sample fuzzy data.

Author Biography

Jalal Chachi, Semnan University
Department of Mathemathics, Statistics and Computer Sciences,Semnan University,Semnan,Iran


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