Three-step Iterative Algorithm with Error Terms of Convergence and Stability Analysis for New NOMVIP in Ordered Banach Spaces

  • Iqbal Ahmad Qassim University, Saudi Arabia
Keywords: Comparison, Convergence, Ordered Inclusion, XOR Operation, XNOR-operation, Stability


This article undertakes to study a NOMVIP involving XNOR-operation and solved by employing a proposed three-step iterative algorithm in ordered Banach Space. Under suitable conditions, we obtain the strong convergence and existence results of NOMVIP involving XNOR-operation by applying the resolvent operator technique with XNOR and XOR operations and discuss the stability of the proposed algorithm. Finally, we provide a numerical example to confirm the convergence of the suggested algorithm in support of our considered problem which gives the grantee that all the proposed conditions of our main result have been formulated by using MATLAB programming.


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