Numerical solutions of the Kawahara equation by the septic B-spline collocation method

  • Battal Gazi Karakoc Nevsehir University
  • Halil Zeybek Abdullah Gul University, Kayseri, 38039, Turkey
  • Turgut Ak


In this article, a numerical solution of the Kawahara equation is presented by septic B-spline collocation method. Applying the Von-Neumann stability analysis, the present method is shown to be unconditionally stable. The accuracy of the proposed method is checked by two test problems. L2 and L1 error norms and conserved quantities are given at selected times. The obtained results are found in good agreement with the some recent results.


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Karakoc, B. G., Zeybek, H., & Ak, T. (2014). Numerical solutions of the Kawahara equation by the septic B-spline collocation method. Statistics, Optimization & Information Computing, 2(3), 211-221.
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