Solve thermal explosion model by central difference and Newton iteration method

  • Xijian Wang Wuyi University
  • Tonghua Zeng Wuyi University
Keywords: Thermal explosion equation · Central difference method · Nonlinear system of equations · Newton iteration method · Convergence order


In this paper, the general equation form of a thermal explosion in a vessel with boundary values is firstly presented, later the central difference method and Newton iteration method are used to solve the relevant partial differential equations in one-dimensional and two-dimensional forms, finally the order of convergence of the numerical scheme is verified by numerical experiments and the experiment results are provided.

Author Biographies

Xijian Wang, Wuyi University
School of Mathematics and Computational Science
Tonghua Zeng, Wuyi University
School of Mathematics and Computational Science


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Wang, X., & Zeng, T. (2015). Solve thermal explosion model by central difference and Newton iteration method. Statistics, Optimization & Information Computing, 3(2), 197-205.
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