Implementation of Fuzzy Logic Controller Algorithms with MF optimization on FPGA

  • Samet Ahmed Mohamed-Cherif Messaadia University Souk Ahras, Algeria
  • Kourd Yahia
Keywords: Geared DC Motor, GWO, Fuzzy Logic Controller, Fixed Point Design, Xilinx System Generator, FPGA


In this work, we propose the design and implementation of a parallel-structured fuzzy logic controller with integral action and anti-windup. The Grey Wolf Optimization (GWO) optimization technique is used to optimize fuzzy rules, which allows for the complicated algebraic ideas of type 1 fuzzy logic algorithms to be reduced to straightforward numerical equations for FPGA target implementation. The techniques for operating a geared DC motor are optimized by the membership function structure of our controller's data propagation. Our proposed controller was implemented in Xilinx System Generator (XSG) and co-simulated on hardware and software with VIVADO and XSG tools.


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