A new routing method based on ant colony optimization in vehicular ad-hoc network

  • Oussama Sbayti Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra, Morocco
  • Khalid Housni Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra, Morocco
Keywords: VANET; Routing; OLSR; Artificial intelligence; Ant Colony Optimization


Vehicular Ad hoc Networks (VANETs) face significant challenges in providing high-quality service. These networks enable vehicles to exchange critical information, such as road obstacles and accidents, and support various communication modes known as Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X). This research paper proposes an intelligent method to improve the quality of service by optimizing path selection between vehicles, aiming to minimize network overhead and enhance routing efficiency. The proposed approach integrates Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) into the Optimized Link State Routing (OLSR) protocol. The effectiveness of this method is validated through implementation and simulation experiments conducted using the Simulation of Urban Mobility (SUMO) and the network simulator (NS3). Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed method outperforms the traditional OLSR algorithm in terms of throughput, average packet delivery rate (PDR), end-to-end delay (E2ED), and average routing overhead.


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