Estimation of the Multicomponent Stress-Strength Reliability Model Under the Topp-Leone Distribution: Applications, Bayesian and Non-Bayesian Assessement

  • M. Rasekhi
  • M. Saber
  • Haitham M. Yousof
  • Emadeldin I. A. Ali
Keywords: Topp Leone distribution, Multicomponent stress-strength, Maximum likelihood estimation, Bootstrap, Gibbs sampling.


The advantages of applying multicomponent stress-strength models lie in their ability to provide a comprehensive and accurate analysis of system reliability under real-world conditions. By accounting for the interactions between different stress components and identifying critical weaknesses, engineers can make informed decisions, leading to safer and more reliable designs. The primary emphasis of this research is placed on the Bayesian and classical estimations of a multicomponent stress-strength reliability model that is derived from the bounded Topp Leone distribution. It is presumable that both stress and strength follow a Topp Leone distribution, but the shape parameters of each variable differ, and the scale parameters (which determine where the variable is bounded) remain the same. Statisticians utilize approaches such as maximum likelihood paired with parametric and non-parametric bootstrap, as well as Bayesian methods, in order to evaluate the dependability of a system. Bayesian methods are also utilized. Simulation studies are carried out with the intention of establishing the degree of precision that may be achieved by employing the various methods of estimating. For the sake of this example, two genuine data sets are dissected and examined in detail.


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