Analysis of Household Income, Expenditure and Consumption Survey Research Data for North Sinai Governorate in Egypt Using Length Biased Truncated Lomax Distribution

  • Amal S. Hassan
  • Ahmed Wael Shawki DR
  • Hiba Z. Muhammed
Keywords: Truncated Lomax distribution; Maximum likelihood; Length biased distributions; Monte Carlo simulation


The length biased truncated Lomax distribution is introduced in this study as a weighted form of the truncated Lomax distribution. The length biased truncated Lomax distribution’s essential distributional features are investigated. In the case of complete and type-II censored data, the maximum likelihood method is provided for estimating population parameter. The model parameter asymptotic confidence interval is calculated. To demonstrate the pattern of the estimate, a sample generation algorithm is supplied, as well as a Monte Carlo simulation analysis. We can see from the simulation research that as the censoring level is increased, the mean squared error of parameter estimates decrease’s for all given values. With increasing sample size, the mean squared error and average length of parameter estimates decrease. The estimates get increasingly accurate as the sample size grows higher, suggesting that its asymptotically unbiased. Furthermore, in all cases, the mean squared error diminishes as the sample size grows, indicating that the estimates of parameter are consistent. Modelling to medical data and the percentage of household spending on education out of total household expenditure from the household income, expenditure and consumption survey (HIECS) data are used to show the importance of the new model. The Kumaraswamy, beta, truncated power Lomax, truncated Weibull, and one parameter-beta distributions perform poorly in comparison to the suggested distribution.


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