Statistics, Optimization & Information Computing

Statistics, Optimization and Information Computing (SOIC) is an international refereed journal dedicated to the latest advancement of statistics, optimization and applications in information sciences.  Topics of interest are (but not limited to):

 Statistical theory and applications

  • Statistical computing, Simulation and Monte Carlo methods, Bootstrap, Resampling methods, Spatial Statistics, Survival Analysis, Nonparametric and Semiparametric Methods, Asymptotics, Bayesian Inference and Bayesian Optimization
  • Stochastic processes, Probability, Statistics and applications
  • Statistical methods and modeling in life sciences including biomedical sciences, environmental sciences and agriculture
  • Decision Theory, Time series analysis,  High-dimensional  multivariate integrals, statistical analysis in market, business, finance, insurance, economic and social science, etc

 Optimization methods and applications

  • Linear and Nonlinear Optimization
  • Stochastic Optimization, Statistical Optimization and Markov-chain etc.
  • Game Theory, Network Optimization and Combinatorial Optimization
  • Variational Analysis, Convex Optimization and Nonsmooth Optimization
  • Global Optimization and Semidefinite Programming 
  • Complementarity Problems and Variational Inequalities
  • Optimal Control: Theory and Applications
  • Operations Research, Optimization and applications in management science and engineering

Computing and Applied Analysis on Information Sciences

  • Machine Learning, Intelligence Computation and Optimization
  • Compressive sensing, Sparse reconstruction
  • Inverse Problem and Imaging, Signal and Image Processing, Medical Imaging and Analysis
  • Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision
  • Data mining, Data analysis, Cluster Computing, Classification
  • Information retrieval, Bioinformatics, Information Computing
  • Numerical Analysis and Algorithms with applications in computer science and engineering

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SOIC has been indexed in Mathematical Reviews, MathSciNet, DOAJ, Google Scholar, Crossref,...


SOIC has been indexed in Mathematical Reviews, MathSciNet, DOAJ, Google Scholar, JournalTOCs., Crossref, ...


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ISSN 2310-5070 (online) ISSN 2311-004X (print)


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ISSN 2310-5070 (online) ISSN 2311-004X (print)

Key title: Statistics, optimization & information computing
Abbreviated key title: Stat., optim. inf. comput.

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Vol 4, No 3 (2016)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

A Comparison of Compressed Sensing and Sparse Recovery Algorithms Applied to Simulation Data PDF
Ya Ju Fan, Chandrika Kamath 194-213
A Criterion for Testing Hypothesis about Impulse Response Function PDF
Iryna Rozora, Yu. V Kozachenko 214-232
A statistical model of macromolecules dynamics for Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy data analysis PDF
Dmitri Koroliouk, Vladimir Semenovich Koroliuk, Eleonora Nicolai, Paolo Bisegna, Lorenzo Stella, Nicola Rosato 233-242
Learning Unknown Structure in CRFs via Adaptive Gradient Projection Method PDF
Wei Xue, Wensheng Zhang 243-251
On Size Biased Kumaraswamy Distribution PDF
Dreamlee Sharma, Tapan Kumar Chakrabarty 252-264
Nonmonotone Spectral Gradient Method for l_1-regularized Least Squares PDF
Wanyou Cheng, Qingjie Hu 265-277

ISSN: 2310-5070