Viable Solutions for a Class of Delay Evolution Problems

  • Moufida Amiour LMPA Laboratory, Jijel University
  • Mustapha Fateh Yarou LMPA Laboratory, Jijel University
Keywords: Differential inclusion with delay, viability, invariance set, absolutely continuous solution


In this paper, we give existence results for viable solutions in the so-called fully constrained set for functional differential inclusions in Banach spaces for a non-autonomous set-valued mapping with convex compact values. We study also the time dependent case of these invariance sets.

Author Biographies

Moufida Amiour, LMPA Laboratory, Jijel University
LMPA Laboratory, Jijel University
Mustapha Fateh Yarou, LMPA Laboratory, Jijel University
Mathematics department


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Amiour, M., & Yarou, M. F. (2019). Viable Solutions for a Class of Delay Evolution Problems. Statistics, Optimization & Information Computing, 7(2), 394-406.
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